James Hurman - Founder and Executive Co-founder

James Hurman - Founder and Executive Co-founder

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James Hurman

Founder & Executive Co-founder

James started Previously Unavailable in 2014 following a career as a strategic planner in the advertising industry.  In 2013 he was named the world’s #1 planning director, following many years as head of planning at Auckland ad agency Colenso BBDO.  He has since led innovation and venture projects across fintech, energy, telecommunications, health, food, beverages, public sector, media, hospitality and professional services. James is also the author of The Case for Creativity, a book about the link between creativity and business success, described by The Coca Cola Company as “beautiful words of wisdom”.


Auckland based Previously Unavailable is a ventures company, specialising in the rapid creation of innovative products with untraditional business models. They work as co-founders of new start-ups and corporate ventures, ranging from subscription services, bioplastics and beverages, to nutraceuticals, blockchain technologies and restaurants.