Entrepreneur Scholarship

What is the Entrepreneur Scholarship?

The Entrepreneur Scholarship (presented by the CUBE and Ignite Wanaka) is an award that has been created to provide financial and practical support for an entrepreneur who resides in the Upper Clutha District.  Entries close Friday, 27 April and the winner will be announced in May, 2018. 

The scholarship contains the following elements/benefits;

- $1,000 cash fund (incl GST)

- Entry into CUBE Business Mentors Initiative and assistance with preparatory planning to meet entry criteria if planning not developed

- TWO free tickets to all Entrepreneur Speaker Series sessions (2018)

-  Free entry to the 2018 Ignite Wanaka Business Skills Day

What the previous Scholarship winner has to say...."As winner of the CUBE Entrepreneur Scholarship, it's given Wild Diamond greater access to Wanaka's business community and all the great minds and experience our community has to share. CUBE is a great connector of people, and that's where it shines the most!"

Claire Iredale, Founder - Wild Diamond

What can I apply the cash fund to?

The intention of the fund is to provide the scholarship recipient with resource to purchase services that will assist their business endeavours.  These services include, but are not limited to;

- Planning Advice

- Brand Creation

- Website Development

- Legal Advice

- Accounting/Financial advice

- Marketing Advice

- Design/Print costs

- Co.Starters course fee run by the CUBE

- Other business related expenses at the discretion of the fund administrator.

How do I enter?

Aspiring entrepreneurs can make an entry via a form that can be downloaded below. The form must then be sent as an attachment to jason@cubewanaka.co.nz.  The entry questions are;

1.     Briefly describe your business or business idea if you are not trading (100 words limit)

2.     How would the scholarship assist you in your business endeavours and are there any particular services you need and why? (200 word limit)

3.     Some successful entrepreneurs say that persistence is the most important driver for success and others’ say ‘talent’ is.  What do you think? (200 words limit)

4.     Being an entrepreneur in the Queenstown Lakes District has its challenges and its opportunities.  In your situation what are the biggest opportunities/challenges as an entrepreneur (200 word limit)?

General Information

- There is no cost to submit an entry.

- All entries are confidential and will be submitted via email and three ‘finalists’ will be passed to an independent judging panel and a winner will be selected. 

- Entries must be received by 5pm, Friday 27 April, 2018

Eligibility criterion are;

(a)   they scholarship recipient must be resident in the Upper Clutha District

(b)   the scholarship recipient can be a start-up or a trading business (that you have started), but cannot be trading for longer than 24 months (cannot have commenced trading prior to 1 April, 2016.

(c) Entrants to previous Entrepreneur Scholarship awards run by the CUBE are welcome to enter.  Except if they are a winner or finalist of a previous Entrepreneur Scholarship.

- The cash element of the award is in the form of a ‘fund’, which can be drawn down by the recipient on approved expenditure.  The CUBE/Ignite Wanaka will administer the scholarship and the fund and approve expenditure.

- The Scholarship winner will be expected to be available for a reasonable level of engagement with the CUBE and Ignite Wanaka for promotional purposes such as photo’s, blogs, articles etc…